October 10, 2018
You've been sitting there for about about six months real-time, Lawrence.

WOW sorry about that. I wasn't well when I started Parydissia and I'm not well still. There were many stops and starts producing the next few pages thanks to severe migraines and the sometimes equally bad side effects of the medications I've been trying out to combat them. No matter how long these pages may take, I'll keep making them as long as there are readers. Thanks for your patience over this production hiatus - more on the way.

There was another hold up with this batch of pages. Over September I took a trip to attend South Africa's first Comic Con! It's so exciting to see the enthusiasm for the craft here. I was only a visitor this time but I'm already preparing to have a table next year. I can't wait to see what everyone has in store for 2019 ♥